Call for expressions of interest

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This future call for expressions of interest from the PEPR SPLEEN will aim to encourage the emergence and construction of research projects designed to meet the scientific challenges associated with the four themes identified during the construction of the programme, by making extensive use of the scientific communities concerned. It will collect expressions of interest in the form of letters of intent (mandatory phase) from researchers and/or research teams, with the aim of building projects that will be evaluated by an ANR evaluation committee and then contracted. The organisation of workshops specific to each theme will make it easier to bring together researchers and/or teams to form relevant consortia that can put together a grouped project.

Grouped projects will be evaluated by an ANR evaluation committee. Following this evaluation, the programme directors will propose to the Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement the designation of projects that could be funded.

The winning projects will be monitored by the programme’s stakeholders, in particular during annual reviews with the project leader. The aim will be to highlight and discuss the scientific advances and their dissemination (including development in the form of pre-maturation and maturation actions), but also to discuss points relating to human and financial resources, as well as any difficulties that may have been encountered.